The Citizens Theatre Glasgow

Completed, August 2013

Services Provided

Pre-start site surveys – project planning – product installation – project management

Project Brief

Installation of 300 theatre seats for The Citizens Theatre in GlasgowThe Citizens Theatre is an iconic venue in the Gorbals area of Glasgow and the second oldest operational theatre in the UK. TeamFFE were tasked to undertake the installation of all the seats in the refurbished stalls. A full site team was deployed that included installation and management staff.


Project Overview

Auditorium at The Citizens Theatre GlasgowThe project involved the installation of 300 seats in the refurbished stalls area of the theatre, around 140 of these were removable. The new seating plan saw the removal of the central aisle and the seat rows being curved to allow better sight-lines to the stage.

The overall capacity of the stalls increased, although the flexibility of removable seating allowed for seats to be taken out for technical functions; these included space for wheelchair users, reinstatement of the central aisle if needed plus any extra space individual productions may require.

Theatre seats at The Citizens Theatre in GlasgowSpecial care was taken when laying out the seats as the floor was ‘dished’ across the entire area and rows needed to be leveled to compensate for this; correct spacing also had to be maintained to ensure correct clearways.

As well as fixing the seats to the floor the TeamFFE installation crew also recessed the removable seat mechanism into the floor which involved cutting back carpet and installing bespoke floor plates.

The project was completed within exacting schedules to allow the theatres next production to be rehearsed and staged.